“Go Home Gota”: Cries Thousands Gathered At Colombo Sea-front

| Updated: April 10, 2022 10:33 am

Colombo’s sea-front saw the largest yet demonstration with thousands of people gathering to agitate against the Government’s failure in the face of Sri Lanka’s fortunes spiralling down the abyss with each passing day.

The citizens of Sri Lanka, reeling under an unprecedented economic crisis brought down upon them by the mismanagement of the country by an utterly nepotistic Government having three brothers occupying posts of the president, the prime minister and the defence minister have woken up to the reality lately and have been protesting for the ouster of the rulers.

Demonstrators, extremely critical of the president chanted slogans asking him to “go home” and calling the ruling family which has as many as 70 close family members in the various important posts in the government “thieves” while marching towards the Presidential Secretariat.

The public protests across Sri Lanka are on increase as citizens and celebrities from every city and town are voicing their criticism loud and clear. Record inflation has made essential food items, cooking gas, and fuel unapproachable for the common residents of the island nation south of India.

“They have just ruined our country. We don’t want them in government anymore. They are thieves,” an angry protester with a black headband that read “Go home Gota” said voicing the general sentiment of outrage against the Rajapaksa administration.

“My children’s future is in question. What do we even have in this country to give us hope?” an elderly lady chocking on her words summed up everything that is bad today in Sri Lanka in nutshell.

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