Tim Cook Uses Energy Rituals To Live A Productive Life

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Tim Cook Uses Energy Rituals To Live A Productive Life

| Updated: July 20, 2022 13:55

Time Management is a topic whose significance has been ingrained into our minds by parents, teachers and bosses. Time Management has been considered the key to a successful life, but what if there is something we are still missing out on? A new question comes up, if we are giving too much importance to time management, instead of energy management. 

So, what is the difference between the both? While time management relies on planning impeccably when it comes to the finite resource called time; energy management relies on rituals. 

It is energy management that has worked for Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple. He is in bed by 8.45 P.M. and he wakes up at 3.45 A.M. He optimises the early hours for uninterrupted, committed work, before going to the gym at 5.00 A.M. 

In this energy ritual, while the world still wakes up, Cook is ahead in terms of schedule and is also operating physically and mentally at a more optimal state. 

Here are some energy rituals listed below, which you can utilise for optimum growth:

  1.  The Two Hour Biological clock

Time is a limited resource, but energy is not. Understanding when to tap into your energy reserves is hence crucial. Our body has something called ultradian rhythms in which our bodies go through from a state of high energy to low energy. In the state of low energy, we yawn, get restless and hungry. Coming to the point, we mean that working for more than 2 hours, can be unproductive after a point. 

The suggested energy ritual is to take a break after every 2 hours. Maybe go for a walk, eat a banana or listen to your favourite song. A little something will prepare your brain for another 2 hours of hard work. 

  1. Multitasking Not As Efficient As It Seems

        The modern workplace respects multitasking. It is seen as the ultimate level of productivity. It seems the more things you pay attention to, the better it is. But this is a notion we need to rethink upon. The CLT, Cognitive Load Theory states that we use our limited-capacity working memories when we attend to new stimuli. This means working upon too many problems can lead to anxiety, stress and mental depletion. Thus to put it straightforwardly, we should be as selective as possible with our work. The more selective we are, the more energy we shall save for meaningful causes. 

The suggested energy ritual is to turn off all electronics for every morning. Avoid watching videos or talking to someone while working. Starting the morning with reading, meditation or exercise etc.

  1. Dopamine Management

     Time Management is still significant so as to create moments of value. It is vital to add dopamine triggering moments in your day. Dopamine is connected with the reward centres in the brain. 

The suggested energy ritual shall be texting someone close, that you appreciate them, trying a new place for lunch, buying yourself flowers etc.


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