Top 10 Movies Featuring African-American Women And Their Stories

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Top 10 Movies Featuring African-American Women And Their Stories

| Updated: June 28, 2022 15:11

The most inspiring stories in history belong to the American black women who have risen like a phoenix through the ashes. Fictional or not, black women have iconic personas and a next-level vibe. A lead black woman is everything one needs to make the movie enlightening.

Even though Black history month is celebrated in October, there’s no right time to watch women-centric movies, especially with black women. Let’s look at various pieces of work from different genres starring black female leads.

The Wiz (1978)

The Wiz is a perfect black fantasy remake of The Wizard Of Oz. It has a legendary star cast where Diana Ross plays Dorothy, Michael Jackson is the scarecrow, and the late Lena Horne is Glenda the Good Witch.

Just Another Girl On The IRT (1992)

Chantel, a local girl from Brooklyn, has to halt all her ambitions due to an unplanned pregnancy. But, Chantel is unapologetically truthful and an all-in-one package.

Crooklyn (1994)

Based in Brooklyn, this coming out of the ageing movie is a legacy you would want to pass down to your daughters and nieces. It also teaches you some grown-up facts about loss and life.

Set It Off (1996)

A bank teller is fired from her job. Then, she starts working as a janitor with her three other friends, Tisean, Cleo, and Stony. As the women struggle with their finances, they start robbing banks. However, their success dawns due to an obsessive detective.

Akeelah And The Bee (2006)

The disclaimer for the movie is that it is super cool and lit. Only black women can make an engaging movie on Spelling Bee, a boring spelling quiz game. Akeelah, a black girl with a working-class background unlike others, trains to become the champion of a spelling bee.

Precious (2009)

The movie is an adaptation of the novel Push By Sapphire. However, Mo’Nique’s performance is the cherry on the top of the film. Further, the movie extends empathy to vulnerable black women.

Lemonade (2016)

A basic ode to black womanhood, this eye candy is more than a visual film that made the world stop. The poetry is by Warsan Shire, music is by the iconic Beyoncé, and cameos by fabulous Black women in their fields.

Hidden Figures (2016)

Remembering black women and their contributions in the field of science, Hidden Figures is a story of three Black mathematicians/engineers. They helped NASA successfully launch their first trip into space in the ’60s.

If Beale Street Could Talk (2018)

The movie has multiple layers of messages that the characters express through their performances and dialogue delivery. Sharon, a polygon of strength and her emotional ties teach us that such connections can heal America’s racial discrimination.

Black Panther (2018)

Last but not least, the epitome of the power of black women showcased in Marvel’s Black Panther is unmatchable. Further, the female characters give a serene yet mighty touch to the aesthetics of the film. From the queen mother to Shuri, T’Challa’s younger sister, the all-woman army, Dora Milaje and their leader Okoye, all will give you goosebumps.

Samaira Jindal, Ahmedabad International School and Kid Reporter At Vibes Of India

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