Uttarayan's Joy Casts a Deadly Toll on Gujarat's Birds

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Uttarayan’s Joy Casts a Deadly Toll on Gujarat’s Birds

| Updated: January 16, 2024 19:00

Uttarayan's Joy Casts a Deadly Toll on Gujarat's Birds

Uttarayan, the vibrant kite-flying festival that fills Gujarat’s skies with colorful hope, has a tragic counterpart – a stark reminder of the unintended consequences of our celebrations. This year, as revelers danced to the rhythm of fluttering kites, dozens of birds met their demise entangled in the deadly threads, while hundreds more suffered crippling injuries.

Among the fallen were a majestic white-rumped vulture, three graceful painted storks, and countless others – international migratory species like geese, ducks, storks, flamingos, and even owls and peacocks. Their wings, meant for soaring through boundless skies, became ensnared in the invisible wires of human joy, leaving them helpless victims of a joyous tradition.

Non-profit organizations like Jeevdaya Charitable Trust and Shree Karuna Foundation Trust, partners in the state government’s Karuna Abhiyan initiative, witnessed the grim reality firsthand. Their veterinary hospitals overflowed with hundreds of injured birds, their bodies torn, wings broken, dreams shattered. In Porbandar, the Green Wildlife Conservation Society recorded yet another heartbreaking tale – two painted storks succumbing to their wounds, one permanently grounded with an amputated wing.

This is not a new story. Every year, Uttarayan casts a shadow on the festive mood with its avian casualties. Despite the Karuna Abhiyan launched in 2017, which rescued and treated 7,000 birds in its first year and saw that number rise to 13,000 in 2023, the toll remains alarming.

The call for awareness echoes louder than ever. While cherishing the spirit of Uttarayan, let us remember the silent victims of our revelry. Using safer kite strings, avoiding glass coating, and participating in rescue efforts are small steps that can make a monumental difference.

This festival should not be a death knell for winged souls. Let us celebrate with compassion, ensuring that the skies remain a haven for all beings, feathered and human alike. Let the vibrant kites that dance in the wind carry not just the joy of celebration, but also the message of empathy and responsibility, so that future Uttarayans are painted with vibrant hues of both human joy and avian life.

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