Vo! Adda: Youth’s Opinion on Indian Cinema

| Updated: June 7, 2022 8:00 pm

On the new episode of VoI adda, the team went to the Chai NGO on June 6 to have a conversational bite of people on “ Which historical movies have they seen in Indian Cinema and why did they interest them?”

Cinema and movies are great sources of interaction. It is an easier source of the portrayal of stories, tales, art, and information. The team assembled at Chai NGO where our anchor, Utsav, asked some interesting questions from the youth of Ahmedabad.

Some of the interviewees lacked interest in historic movies and were inclined toward comedy/action films. “Historic movies are tweaked a lot which makes me not believe it.” an interviewee said to Utsav.

Bhavya, another young mind, was influenced more by blockbuster historic movies like Jodha Akbar, Padmavat, and Tahaji. Bhavya went on by saying, “Pan-India movies like RRR, Pushpa are a great source of entertainment.”

An interesting question was spun around by Utsav asking, “Why is youth diverting from the history of India or the historic cinema?”

To which, our interviewee, Virali, a film major student answered, “Serving the correct history to the audience is a huge task. Audience feels cheated if the history is not pictured in its true form. ” She also points out that showcasing such glamorous grandeur of history in movies is a huge and perplexing task for directors. She appreciates the work of Sanjay Leela Bansali movies.

Virali is a great critic of movies and loves to analyze small aspects which make the movies beautiful. She points out, “Jodha Akbar is my favorite movie from its making to directing.”

Utsav had a great conversation with the youth of India and they carry some exquisite, varied, and opinionated views on Indian Cinema.

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