Watch Out Tesla, This Mercedes-Benz EV Breaks a Record

| Updated: June 28, 2022 1:42 pm

A Mercedes-Benz EV (electric vehicle) has broken its own range record by traveling more than 1,200 kilometers (750 miles) on a single charge. The Vision EQXX drove from Stuttgart in Germany to Silverstone in the United Kingdom in less than 15 hours.The electric vehicle accomplished the feat with a 100kwh battery pack, which is the same capacity as the Tesla Model S battery. According to the EPA, Tesla’s longest-range vehicle, the Model S, can travel slightly more than 400 miles per charge.

Other option with higher Mileage: Lucid Motors, a new startup, sells a $169,000 sedan that can travel 520 miles between stops, making it a vehicle with the highest mileage.

Better than Tesla: According to reports, the Mercedes car achieved roughly twice the range of the Tesla thanks to a combination of advanced aerodynamics, lightweight materials, and battery innovations involving the use of cutting-edge silicon anodes.

Driver’s point of view: “It’s very special for me to be driving this beacon of the future of electric mobility to the place where the Formula 1 story began, and where we’ve seen and contributed to some iconic Formula 1 races.” “Mercedes’ Adam Allsopp, who drove the final leg of the 14.5-hour journey to Silverstone on June 22, said.

“Completing the journey from Stuttgart to Silverstone on a single charge with even greater efficiency demonstrates significant progress in accelerating the technologies that underpin our electrification strategy.”

About Trial Run: This comes two months after a Mercedes Vision EQXX drove over 1,000 kilometres from Germany to the south of France without stopping to recharge.

Aerodynamics: Mercedes has made the EQXX as lightweight and aerodynamic as possible to maximise efficiency, as weight and air resistance are two of the range’s biggest enemies. As a result, the teardrop shape and swooping curves were created.

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