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Why Is Vivek Agnihotri Anguished at SBI?  

| Updated: March 10, 2024 18:16

Film maker Vivek Agnihotri has panned State Bank of India surrounding an incident involving the loss of jewellery of his niece from the bank’s locker. In a post on X narrating the incident, the Kashmir Files director wrote, “It’s disheartening to hear that such incidents occur in the world’s largest Government bank.”  

This incident occurred with one of my nieces, who is a doctor. She had a locker in a Noida branch of SBI where she had kept her ancestral jewellery. When she visited after one year to retrieve some jewellery for a family function, initially, her locker wouldn’t open.  

Officers started avoiding the issue. Then she forced them to break it, which they were very hesitant to do. When she created a ruckus, they had to yield. However, upon breaking it, no jewellery was found. Instead of expressing concern, the bank officials started blaming her. 

Being a senior forensic specialist, she didn’t remain silent and made life difficult for the corrupt and inefficient officers at the bank. 

Consequently, everything was recovered within 48 hours. Just imagine if she hadn’t been aware and empowered?  

 It’s disheartening to hear that such incidents occur in the world’s largest Government bank.  

 I’ve been told that sometimes, perpetrators discreetly remove small pieces of jewellery from lockers. Upon opening them, individuals may not notice the missing items or assume they’ve been lost. Unfortunately, such occurrences often go unresolved. 

 Such frauds occur daily, targeting innocent, financially disadvantaged citizens, often going unnoticed due to local collusion between law enforcement, authorities, and bankers. Unfortunately, the weak suffer and can’t do a thing about it. This is precisely why the corrupt always seek to keep the uneducated and vulnerable in a state of weakness.  

 Please exercise caution with your lockers, especially if they are in a State Bank branch, Agnihotri posted. 

It must be noted that the SBI has been the butt of criticism of late for being unable to share the details of electoral bonds to the Supreme Court, seeking prolonged time for the same.  

To an apex court order seeking the details of the electoral bonds that fund electioneering in India, the public sector bank had sought June deadline for the same.  

Netizens have been wondering how in the digital age, it could take so much time for the largest bank to find out the details of the bonds, which were scrapped by the Supreme Court last month.  

They have been flooding social media platforms with sarcastic posts taking a dig at the SBI functioning, with some even pointing towards the Modi government’s possible role in hiding the details of the electoral bonds for their shady nature. The SC is set to hear SBI plea on March 11.

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