Withdraw False Cases Against Patidar Youth By March 23 Or Be Ready For Agitation: Hardik Patel To Gujarat Govt

| Updated: March 7, 2022 8:38 am

With demand for the withdrawal of “false” cases filed against the youth during the Patidar reservation movement, a rally was organised by the Patidar youth across the state in Ahmedabad on Sunday. Wherein they demanded the withdrawal of all the (false) cases by March 23 of this year.

The demand has been made for the last four years to which the state government had agreed and promised the presidents and leaders of Umiyadham and Khodaldham organizations, but so far, no step has been initiated in that direction.

The working President of Gujarat Congress and former Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti (PAAS) Convener, Hardik Patel said, “I fight the battle of people fearlessly, that is why everyone gets along. With the demand for withdrawal of false cases against the youth in the Patidar movement, the youth from across the state had joined the rally.”

The Patidar reservation movement has benefited many communities in the state but the agitating youth have been in trouble, he said adding that “It is our request that every person who has been benefited from the movement should join our fight and demand the withdrawal of the cases to the government. If the government does not make a decision by March 23, we will agitate in Gujarat.”

“Lastly, the only request is that you vote in the party you believe in, vote where you want to but support this apolitical demand and fight for the withdrawal of cases, he added.”

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