Woman Goes Unidentified in Hit and Run Case

| Updated: July 14, 2022 2:17 pm

A 30-something woman who is not yet identified by the police, crashed her car into a scooter near Management Enclave in Vastrapur, which caused the affected to suffer a leg fracture. 

The entire scene took place on Tuesday morning. She hit the scooterist, and then also went ahead to crash into a loading rickshaw, but a manhole in between caused her to abscond while leaving her car at the spot. The scooterist and injured, Babu Shyani, who is a resident of Bapunagar, filed an FIR with A Division traffic police.  

The 63 year old said that the woman who was driving on the wrong side of the road, did not even look twice after bumping her car into his scooter. Furthermore, the FIR contained the information that her car hit a loading rickshaw as she tried to run away. She was stopped by a manhole cover, jumping out of the road.

The injured called his son Vishal who assisted him to a private hospital. 

It was also mentioned in the FIR that the woman’s family members later also came to the place of the accident to check the condition of her vehicle. 

Inspector NH Jadeja of A division traffic police revealed that a case has been logged against the woman for rash driving and causing injuries.

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