Woman In Legal Trouble For Letting Dog Out On Plane 

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Woman In Legal Trouble For Letting Dog Out On Plane 

| Updated: September 11, 2023 15:36

Airline rules stipulate, in the interest of passenger safety and the smooth operation of flights, it is crucial for all travellers to follow established guidelines and regulations while traveling with pets or engaging in any other activities that could potentially affect the well-being of fellow passengers.

This is often not adhered to and incidents of mid-flight crises resulting out of unsavoury actions regularly make news.

In the latest such incident, a 30-year-old Delhi resident, identified as Alisha Adhana, has been booked under Section 336 of the Indian Penal Code for creating nuisance mid-air with her pet dog that caused grave inconvenience to fellow passengers.

She opened her pet carrier mid-flight, leading to panic among passengers. The incident occurred on a flight to Goa, and authorities took action immediately after the plane touched down in Goa.

According to Neenad Deulkar of Mopa police, Alisha Adhana and a family member boarded the plane in Delhi. Once the aircraft was airborne, her dog started making unusual and disconcerting sounds. In an attempt to calm her pet, she decided to open the carrier and take the dog out.

This impulsive decision had unintended consequences, as fellow passengers onboard began to panic upon seeing the dog. Disturbed by the situation, they reported it to the crew members of Akasa Air.As the flight touched down in Goa, Akasa Air’s duty manager, Mayak Basarkar, filed a formal police complaint against Alisha Adhana. Subsequently, she was booked under Section 336, which deals with acts that endanger the life or personal safety of others.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of adhering to airline regulations and maintaining the safety and comfort of all passengers during a flight. Opening a pet carrier mid-flight not only alarmed fellow travellers but also disrupted the overall travel experience, bringing bad name to the reputation of the airline too. 

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