Woman Police Band Not In Sight For Gujarat Even After Six Years

| Updated: July 7, 2022 5:44 pm

By Lakshmi Patel

Due to the alleged indifference of the Gujarat Government, the plan to run a Woman Police Band introduced six years ago has been put on hold. According to the sources, the rhythm and melodies of the band haven’t synced yet. Thus, the plan execution seems out of sight. However, the bottom line is that Gujarat does not have a Woman Police Band to celebrate national holidays or welcome VVIP dignitaries.

The Gujarat Home Department approved the formation of a Woman Police Band in Ahmedabad in April 2015. Firstly, the Gujarat Police issued a circular saying that the band would start in February 2016.

For the band formation, the government allocated 18 posts and a budget of ₹33 lakhs. In 2016, women police personnel interested in the band sent their names to the headquarters. However, sources say that most police personnel were not interested in joining the band.

Later, the Ahmedabad Police selected three armed head constables and twelve women armed constables. The deadline to fill the positions was February 29, 2016. But, even after six years, there is no sign of the Gujarat Woman Police Band.

The Home Department resolution stated that the band would perform at national festivals like January 26, August 15, etc. Sources also say that the band needs rigorous practice.

On the other hand, the several years old Male Police Band has more than 20 officials. But, in the Male Police Band, only four members are working, and the rest retired. The Ahmedabad Police claims that they could not attract more people.

Vibes Of India tapped in on a conversation with JCP Ajay Chaudhary at the headquarters. He told us, “We will try our best to attract young people who wish to join the police band, as police personnel are not ready to do so. They think that their career growth will stop in the band.” He added, “It also takes a lot of practice learning to play a single instrument. It cannot happen in a single day.”

JCP Ajay Chaudhary also shared his opinions on the Woman Police Band. He said, “The reasons behind women police personnel not joining the band may be biological or other. We will try to bring more police personnel as the Police Band is crucial to the force.”

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