Workshop On Advancement In Endourology, Draws Specialists From Abroad

|Ahmedabad | Updated: April 29, 2022 5:38 pm

The opening conference of the fifth edition of the endourology workshop ‘Advancement In Enduorology’ (AIE) was held today in Forum Convention Centre, near Club O7 in Ahmedabad.

Specialists from France, Nepal, Poland, Switzerland and Turkey attended the workshop organised by Dr Kandarp Parikh, a renowned Laparoscopic and Endoscopic Urosurgeon.

This workshop is said to be one of its kind and is conceptualized by Minimal Access Surgery Training Institute, an initiative by Shyam Urosurgical Hospital.

One of the objectives of this workshop is to spread knowledge and attempt to successfully perform such highly advanced surgeries on children as well.

Prime Minister Modi also sent a letter to Dr Kandarp wishing success for the conference.

Addressing participants at the workshop, Dr Parikh said that 60 doctors from the country who treat diseases related to prostate and endourology will be participating in AIE apart from eight international specialists.

He said that people of almost all age groups in Europe have kidney stone related issues as their water intake is too less in comparison to the lifestyle they lead.

In his presentation, Dr Parikh also stated that technological advancements in endourology have made it possible for quick and more precise kidney stone operations. With the help of a microscope and laser, a kidney stone is burst and after the completion of this procedure, the patient can go back home within four hours of the procedure the same day. He also stated that he is India’s first doctor to have adopted robotic surgery.

Dr Parikh also said that it is very important for men over 50 years of age to get a PSA test done at least once in two years and keep in touch with a prostate doctor.

A large number of tools and robotic equipment have been displayed at the workshop which will continue for another two days. Interested persons and doctors can easily enrol in this workshop and take part in live operation sessions, open house discussions, technology sessions and many more activities.

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