2 Boys Invent Their Own Kidnapping Story to Prevent School Change

| Updated: July 20, 2022 10:02 am

Two boys, Harshad and Kiran, who are 12 and 13 respectively, feigned their own abduction in order to avoid changing schools. Both the boys did not want to be separated from their friends, and the newness and unpredictability of going to a new state scared them. Harshad and Kiran, who are students of class-8 and class-9 respectively, study in a central government-run school. Just recently, their school authorities advised their parents to send the two boys to one of the school’s other branches in Jaipur for various skills-based courses.

The boys did not quite agree to the idea of shifting to Jaipur, and hence sat down to devise a ruse which would help them avoid going to another school, shared a police officer of Dholka.
The officer said both the boys had gone to a temple near their house in Dholka in the evening from where they called Harshad’s father to inform him that both of them had been kidnapped by unknown men, and taken to Bavla town. They said they had somehow managed to flee away.

At that, Harshad’s father even filed a police complaint that some four men had tried to abduct the boys by spraying chilly powder in their eyes.
Dholka police began their investigation with the help of the local crime branch and special operations group, but they did not find anything. Arvind Asari of Dholka police commented that though they had checked the CCTV footage of Dholka and Bavla, they did not find any clues about the kidnappers.
The kids had described that some men in an omni car had kidnapped them. But, there was no such car found in the investigation of the two towns, pointed out Ansari.

After a lot of counseling and various rounds of discussion, it was known that the two boys had hatched a story to avoid shifting to a new school for studying. It was their reluctance to leave their city that forced them to take such a step.
The investigation was closed after their parents approached the police and narrated the entire incident to them.

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