2 Unruly Flyers On Dubai-Ahmedabad Flight Held

| Updated: October 13, 2022 5:22 pm

On an IndiGo flight from Dubai to Ahmedabad, two unruly passengers caused a disturbance. While another passenger misbehaved with the female crew in an intoxicated state, another passenger smoked a cigarette in the restroom. As soon as the plane touched down at Ahmedabad Airport, both passengers were handed over to the airport police. More than 150 travelers travelling from Dubai to Ahmedabad were delayed for three hours due to this incident. 

The fire alarm was set off when one of the inebriated passengers lit a cigarette in the airplane bathroom. Air Traffic Control was immediately informed by the aircraft’s captain, Keyur Banker (ATC). After the jet landed, airport authorities detained both passengers, Labh Singh Resham Singh (31) and Kamaljeet Ram (47), both of whom were from Punjab. The Indigo aircraft 6E 7272 from Dubai to Ahmedabad departed at 5:05 pm on Tuesday and was due to arrive at the destination at 9:35 pm. The flight was at an altitude of 30,000 feet within a few moments of takeoff. Labh Singh got up from the seat and went to the bathroom and knocked out the door of the crew member, who was burning a cigarette. Thus the act of endangering the lives of other passengers on board the flight. The passenger reported the feat to the captain. When the matter came to a standstill, fellow passenger Kamaljeet started babbling in an inebriated state and started behaving rudely with the female crew.

Moreover, at the domestic airport, travelers are subject to rigorous inspection. A prohibited e-cigarette was discovered in the female passenger’s shoe. On October 7, a CISF woman officer scanned her with a hand metal detector as she boarded an IndiGo flight from Ahmedabad to Pune and discovered an electronic cigarette worth Rs.1,500 while listening for a beep sound coming from her shoe. 

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