Khambhaliya Drug Haul Case: 2 New Arrests Reveal Pakistan Connection

| Updated: November 13, 2021 2:59 pm

On the trail of the Khambhalia drug haul, police have unearthed important links and held 5 persons in this connection.

It has come to fore that, brothers arrested  in connection with the Khambhalia drug haul case Salim Kara and  Ali Kara from Salaya town in Devbhumi Dwarka, had purchased a fishing trawler and sent it across the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) between India and Pakistan to receive nearly 63 kilograms of contraband worth Rs 315 crore from a Pakistani boat.

In this connection, another two brothers  Salim Jasraya (50) and his brother Irfan Jasraya (34) both also from Salaya have been arrested too. The duo is accused of  taking  the delivery of the heroin and mephedrone consignment worth Rs 315 crore from the Pakistani boat near the IMBL and bringing it to Salaya on the fishing boat Faruki-1.

Investigation revealed that the drug packets seized from Ghoshi bears reference to Aziz Bank of Kandahar in Afghanistan and some other writings in foreign language. The 47 packets seized from the residence of the Kara brothers in Salaya with 45.368 kilograms of heroin worth Rs 226.84 crore also have some writing in Iranian language and symbols of three camels and a car. It is revealed that the drug consignment was bought  from one Fida Haji Hussain of Konrak village in Pakistan by contacting him via WhatsApp calls.

The Jasariya brothers took their boat near the IMBL and after contacting the Pakistani boat over wireless, received the consignment of contraband. They hid it under their fishing net and landed at Shantinagar coast near Salaya. Thereafter,  Salim Kara took the consignment in a car and delivered a part of it to Ghoshi in a different car.

Police have seized both the cars and the fishing trawler.

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