AAP Faces Wrath In Punjab After Moosewala’s Murder

| Updated: June 2, 2022 2:27 pm

After three months of a peaceful run, the AAP is facing the wrath of Punjab for the first time against the death of singer and politician Sidhu Moosewala. The Aam Aadmi Party received enormous love and ample support in Punjab. Moreover, they had a tremendous victory in the state in the Assembly elections in February-March 2022. 

According to the sources, AAP MLAs did not come to light during the cremation ceremonies of the singer because his angry fans scared them. They are afraid that the young support, the backbone of AAP’s strength, might leave them. The Sidhu Moosewala Murder case has shaken the entire state of Punjab. The youth is getting more aggressive towards the incident, especially in social media campaigns. 

However, things have slipped out of hand for the AAP government. Just a day before the murder, the Punjab State government shortened the security of 424 people, including Moosewala, and made it public. People are blaming AAP’s risky action for Moosewala’s demise. Moreover, if it is true, the party is going through a punishment. 

The most suspicious fact about Moosewala’s death is its timing, as the state was marking the 38th anniversary of Operation Bluestar. The angry mounting has baffled AAP, so early after the formation of the government. Further, they are setting up things to ensure the anger does not get worse.

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