ACB’s biggest trap – Rs 2 crore seized from Gandhinagar

| Updated: July 20, 2021 5:22 pm

When it comes to making money or being financially well off, Gujaratis have always been at the forefront. This comes true today, but in a different manner when a complaint was lodged to the Anti-Corruption Bureau against Nipun Chandravan Choksi, a Class 2 officer of the R&B department for taking consecutive bribes. Other than the officer, there are other two accused who were on contract-based jobs.

The accused were caught taking Rs 40 thousand in Patan and they have also been caught taking 4 bribes earlier. Rs 74 lakh was recovered from Gandhinagar Co-operative Bank while Rs 1.52 lakh cash was recovered from another bank account.300 grams of Gold was also found in a Canara Bank’s locker.

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