Ahmedabad Airport: Two Men Impersonating As Customs Officers Rob Passenger

|Ahmedabad | Updated: May 26, 2022 9:39 am

Ahmedabad. May 25- Two men impersonating as Customs officers allegedly robbed a young passenger in Ahmedabad international airport.

According to sources, a young man from Surat landed at the airport from Dubai. While he was waiting for a rickshaw, two strangers introduced themselves as Customs officers and told him that they were checking his luggage. The man alleged that they took him to toilet and thrashed him on the pretext of checking his luggage. In movie style operation, they robbed him and fled with his mobile phones, passport and Rs 5,000 cash. 

Sources said that the young man lives with his family in Happy Home apartment in Surat. They flew to Dubai on May 20 and later landed at Ahmedabad International Airport Terminal-2 from Dubai on a SpiceJet flight early Wednesday morning. 

He alleged that while he was looking for an auto -rickshaw to get out of the airport and go to Kalupur railway station, two persons identified themselves as officers of the customs department. “You brought gold from Dubai. So, you have to go throughout checking,”” the two officers said.

The two men took the passenger  to the toilet and checked his luggage and clothes. 

Airport police have registered a case and are conducting an investigation. The incident is being discussed at Ahmedabad airport as well as in Mumbai.

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