Ahmedabad Cops Arrest Drug Dealer From SG Highway Food & Beverage Market

| Updated: May 22, 2022 7:18 pm

In the latest revelation that narcotics are available even in Ahmedabad’s plush areas SG Highway and Sindhu Bhavan, the police early on Sunday arrested a peddler with drugs worth Rs 7.12 lakh.  

The police said the peddler, Mohammad Sohail Dajabir Mansuri, used to sell drugs in Makarba, Juhapura, Fatehwadi and SG Highway areas of the city. The crime branch has registered a case against Mansuri and is on the lookout for his supplier named Amin. 

This arrest was following a tip-off received by the crime branch about the sale of narcotics in these areas. The authorities set up surveillance in the area and made the arrest. 

Mansuri was found with 71.28 grams of mephedrone, popularly known as MD drug and meow-meow, which has an estimated value of Rs7.12 lakh. The accused used to procure the stuff from a man named Amin, who is believed to be a resident of the Ramol area of Ahmedabad.

According to the Crime Branch, the accused Sohail Mansuri was selling mephedrone macaroons at a food and beverage market on SG Highway for the last 3 months. He also sold the drug in small zipper bags and priced one gram of it somewhere between Rs2,000 to Rs2,500. He also sold in Juhapura and Fatehwadi areas. Police said he had a large number of customers.

Just on Friday, the Special Operations Group (SOG) of Ahmedabad seized packages of mephedrone drug worth Rs2.85 lakh from the Sarkhej Vejalpur area. The authorities have registered a case and started an investigation into the matter. Sohil Sadiq Chauhan, 26, who is a native of Palanpur, Banaskantha, was currently living in the Sarkhej area. He wandered around the Sarkhej-Vejalpur area to sell his drugs.

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