Ahmedabad: Losing Rs. 27 Crores In Gambling, Reputed Businessman Plays Victim To Made-Up Cyber Fraud in TN Govt Tender

| Updated: July 30, 2022 11:54 am

In a shocking turn of events, the scion of one of Gujarat’s most reputed business houses has been arrested by the police on the charges of gambling.

Vishal Gala, related to Navneet Prakashan, Gujarat’s leading textbooks printer since generations and MD of BSE listed Gala Print City Limited had filed a complaint with the cyber crime department of Ahmedabad police to have been duped to the ti=une of Rs. 26.78 crores by a fraudster.

Vishal gala, who is on board of half a dozen companies related to Gala Publishers and Navneet Prakashan maintained that a fraudster approached him with the promise to get the tender of the Tamil Nadu Textbooks Corporation for printing textbooks. Sounding it the biggest cybercrime in the state, the businessman said that the conman took away Rs 26 crore in the name of advances and payment and vanished thereafter.

Vishal gala in his complaint with the Cyber Crime Cell police station said that he came to know about the fraud when suspecting something wrong, they inquired from the Tamil Nadu Textbooks and Educational Services Corporation about the tender. The corporation denied floating or awarding any such printing order to his company

It is now revealed that Vishal Gala made up a story to hide the fact that he himself lost Rs. 27 crores on the online gambling site India24bet.com. Police traced the location of a phone number to Bangalore and nabbed a person by the name of Karan Singh Rawat. Karan Singh revealed that Vishal Gala gambled on online betting out of his free will. After checking the entries of win and loss, the police arrested Vishal Gala on the charges of gambling.

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