Pyaar Mein Dhokha: Ahmedabad Woman Cheated Of Rs 21.79 Lakh In Groom Pursuit

| Updated: April 17, 2022 12:45 pm

A 36-year-old woman from Ahmedabad fell prey to her potential match on a matrimonial site and lost Rs 21.79 lakh after getting lured for Rs 2 crores by the accused. The Ahmedabad Cybercrime Cell on Saturday arrested the accused from Delhi.

The accused, Amol Deval and the victim woman came in contact in September last year on a matrimonial site. Eventually, they started their conversation on the instant messaging application, WhatsApp and came closer to each other. Deval had cloaked himself as a Pune resident, who works and lives in Glasgow, UK.

The woman was told by Deval that he would be sending her pounds amounting to Rs 2 crores approximately. Followed by this she received a call from an official from the ‘customs department’, who demanded fees in order to release the transferred pounds in Indian currency.

Apart from this, Deval had asked the woman to arrange funds for his flight and a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Going out of her length, the woman arranged the funds of Rs 21.97 lakh in total and transferred the amount.   

Later on, the woman realized that she was cheated and went to file a complaint with the Cybercrime Cell, Ahmedabad. The crime cell began their investigation and arrested a site supervisor with an MNC, Irfan Khan (32) from Delhi. He confessed to being part of a gang that is involved in duping a number of women in a similar manner.

So far in the investigation, the cybercrime cell has recovered over Rs 9 lakh from the bank account of the arrested Khan and the cops are hunting for other members of the said gang and the accused of the case.

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