Ahmedabad: Minister Rushikesh Patel Requests 10-Yr-Old Cancer Patient To Become Doctor

| Updated: February 4, 2023 6:19 pm

An Aravalli district boy, 10, has been diagnosed with blood cancer. At Ahmedabad Civil Medicine’s Gujarat Cancer Research Institute, he is currently receiving chemotherapy treatment.

Gujarat Health Minister Rushikesh Patel met him and carried out his request. The youngster who received his wish was found to have a new kind of passion. Additionally, Patel visited the cancer ward to cheer up the kids and inspire them to fight cancer head-on so they can resume leading regular lives.

Leukaemia strikes Kalp Yogeshbhai Patel of Modasa in the Aravalli district. The family of 10-year-old Kalp learned that one of their sweet sons had been diagnosed with cancer a year ago. Kalp Patel is currently undergoing chemotherapy. Kalp wanted to become a doctor. Rushikesh Patel created a meaningful World Cancer Day celebration on February 4.

He arrived at the Gujarat Cancer Research Institute in Ahmedabad to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor with the noble purpose of boosting the spirits of thousands of children with cancer by making the commemoration of World Cancer Day meaningful.

To give Kalp the impression that he is a doctor, he is made to dress in an apron for the day. There was a stethoscope on. In addition to being a doctor, Kalp looks into Rushikesh Patel as similar to how a doctor evaluates a patient’s pain and prescribes medication. The health minister later visited the cancer unit with Kalp and spoke with other patients.

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