Ahmedabad: Plastic Surgeon Ashit Shah Launches Cosmetic Centre, The Aesthetica 

| Updated: September 22, 2022 8:01 pm

Cosmetic surgery is a life-enhancing event. It can set you apart from others and give you the looks that you always desired. To bring this service to Ahmedabad, Plastic surgeon Ashit Shah and female rejuvenation surgeon Hema Shah launched their cosmetic surgery clinic ‘The Aesthetica’ on Thursday. 

These doctors have included surgical and non-surgical treatments both under the same roof. One of the special aspects of the clinic is its ‘Pre-Wedding Medi-lounge’. This is the place where brides can get cosmetic surgery, cosmetic lasers, cosmetic treatments and other beauty treatments–all at one go. Ahmedabad-based plastic surgeon Ashit Shah has over 30 years of experience in plastic and cosmetic surgeries. He said, “80% of our clients are female and so, we wanted to give them 360 degree treatment before their wedding. Instead of going to a parlour to get a hairdo, why not get silky hair transplanted?” 

Dr Ashit Shah & Hema Shah

 “Gone are the days when women changed their bodies for their partner, now, it’s all about correcting your body to feel more confident.” said Dr Hema Shah–who has been into medical practice since 1990.  A complete treatment plan is designed, keeping in mind the time frame and budget. Planning starts six months in advance.

The clinic offers skin beautification, face rejuvenation, hair transplants, body shaping, face contouring, breast implants, intimate part beautification. When it comes to technology, the doctors have Morpheus 8 (for anti-ageing treatments), DiolazeXL (for hair removal), Kegel chair (to strengthen pelvic floor muscles) and other equipment.  

The centre is designed by a CEPT professor Jaydev Parikh

Gujarat as a market for cosmetic surgeries 

Not just Ahmedabad, cosmetic surgeries are wooing people even in smaller pockets of Gujarat. “We have several clients from Gandhidham. When people have money they want to splurge on themselves and what can be a better way than looking more beautiful. Apart from Gandhidham, people from Surat are also pro-beautification.” adds Dr Ashit Shah. 

To give mothers a makeover Dr Hema Shah has introduced the “mommy makeover” treatment. “Liposuction, Brazilian tummy tuck, cosmetic breast surgery, stretch marks treatment, vaginal tightening and other services are included in this service. Cosmetic surgery is not for the elites, it’s for everyone and it is affordable.” 

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