Ahmedabad: Police Raid Popular Hookah Lounge, 20 including 2 Women Found Hanging Around

| Updated: September 18, 2022 10:20 am

Hookah bars have been rampant in Ahmedabad. Police suspect that In the guise of innocuous puffs, such outlets may be a meeting ground for sellers and consumers of mild to hard drugs. After the sacred nine hookah bar on Sindhu Bhavan road, police raided the Old TCS Lounge near Gujarat College in the Ellisbridge area of Ahmedabad.

State monitoring cell had got the whiff of activities going on at the old TCS Hookah Bar. according to the information with the State monitoring cell, illegal nicotine flavoring was being added inside the herbal flavour at Old TCS Hookah bar on Gujarat College Road in Ahmedabad.

Police seized the substance including herbal flavor and hookah samples were seized from this famous lounge. 13 hookahs, different flavor boxes, and chalam made of flavors have been seized from the hookah bar. The police team has also seized CCTV and DCR of the bar.

Police found the owner of the hookah bar, Pathik Bhupendrabhai Jha, the manager Keur Dharmendrabhai Gandhi and 12 waiters hired for service at the location.18 men and two women customers were inside the bar on 9 tables at the lounge.

There are unconfirmed reports that some policemen are silent partners in the ownership of the bar.It is also said that it was a regular joint for some of the policement to gather.

Police has sent the samples to FSL to check the content. If any illeghal sbstance is found, the manager and owner will be arrested.

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