Ahmedabad: SGST Department Finds 16 Firms For False Invoices

| Updated: January 8, 2023 7:43 pm

The State Goods and Services Tax  (SGST) department on Saturday discovered 16 businesses engaging in false billing to avoid paying more taxes. The SGST department is always attempting to halt this fraudulent billing.

The subsequent 17 firms, with the exception of one firm, were highlighted in the default category. The department recovered several documents utilised by these firms which were either falsified or improperly exploited.

Additionally, a lookout notice and search has been launched for any individuals who were not located during this verification. The culprits who founded and ran these fictitious firms will face harsh measures, including jail-time.

The 16 default firms are; Gajera Tradelink, Navrang Enterprise, Shah Enterprise, Sky Enterprise, NP Enterprise, TS Enterprise, Om Enterprise, Shree Ganesh Traders, Lakhu Traders, Aliya Scrape, Vinod Corporation, Aditya Enterprise, Ashiya Corporation, Bharat Trading Company, Safal Implex and Ruhan Traders.

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