Ahmedabad Societies Getting Contaminated Water For A Month

| Updated: January 22, 2023 2:40 pm

Around 80 residents of societies in and around Gulbai Tekra in Ambawadi have been forced to use dirty water for their daily needs for close to a month now. The residents of Vasant Baug bungalow, Sharad and Girdhar apartments are dependent on water provided by the civic body as they lack a private borewell. 

The residents say they have to pay for water tankers and packaged drinking water almost every day due to the dirty water that they get. The AMC sends a water tanker just twice a week.

They get AMC water for two hours and the civic body has advised them to keep the tap open for 45 minutes so that the contaminated water is not used. The water is brown and after 45 minutes they get clear water. The AMC is not sure what is causing the contamination.

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