Ahmedabad: Wife Falls in Coma After Husband Harasses her During Covid

| Updated: June 2, 2022 7:02 pm

A woman from Satellite, Ahmedabad, on Tuesday, filed a complaint against her husband and in-laws at the Women’s Police Station (West), for alleged domestic violence. The woman said that her husband and in-laws did not allow her to get treatment when she contracted Covid during Second Wave. It eventually led her into Coma.

The 30-year-old woman, who works as an HR executive, fell in love and married her husband in March 2019. Considering their poor financial condition, the woman had to shift and stay with her in-laws in Gota after marriage. She also had to take up a job to support her family financially. However, soon her in-laws started posing trouble to her.

In the woman’s complaint, she has also alleged her in-laws constantly interfered in the couple’s life. She was also told to seek permission before having intimate moments with her husband.

The harassment became so aggressive that the in-laws did not even let the woman get treatment for Covid. As per the woman’s report, she was diagnosed with Covid on April 4, 2021. By this time not only her in-laws, but her husband also started ill-treating her. They did not allow her to wear a mask or follow any of the Covid protocols leading to deterioration of her health. She started having major breathing problems. With her health worsening, her in-laws and husband simply sent her to her parents’ house.

Her Parents then got her admitted to a hospital, where she went into Coma. Even during her treatment, her in-laws and husband did not show any support but rather used abusive words.

After that, she continued to face harassment, which started affecting her mental health. It was later that her husband and in-laws stopped all contact with her and even blocked her on WhatsApp. This is when she decided to file a Domestic Violence Act complaint against them.

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