Indian Parents Battle For Custody Of 15-Month-Old Child In Germany

| Updated: June 2, 2022 6:20 pm

In Germany, an Indian couple has been battling for months to get custody of their daughter. Currently, the daughter is under the care of an unknown German family due to Child Protection Rights. On the other hand, her parents have pleaded with all authorities to get her back home. 

Bhavesh, a software engineer, lives with his wife, Dhara, in Berlin, the capital of Germany. One and a half years ago, they had a baby girl. Eight months after the birth of their child, their parents moved to Germany to spend the vacation with them. 

Afterward, the baby met with an accident in which she had severe wounds. Her parents, Bhavesh and Dhara, went to the local hospital. In the hospital, she underwent treatment, and the doctors sent her back home, prescribing a check-up after two days. They took her to the hospital after two days. However, the presence of the Child Protection Service Team with the cops came as a shock to them. 

The Child Protection Service Team put the baby in another family’s custody and initiated a criminal probe against them. However, they terminated it after they could not find anything. Initially, the cops allowed the parents to see the child once a week. But, now it has extended to a month. 

Such cases have also come to light in the USA and Norway. But, these countries give child custody to the next kin in India. Similarly, the parents have requested to send their child to their extended family in Ahmedabad or their grandparents in Mumbai. 

Parent’s Appeal

A video of the couple requesting the Indian government to help them has surfaced. In the clip, we can see the parents pleading for help to bring their child back to India so that she can grow up in Indian culture. They are afraid that all this might snatch her original identity. People have also started an online petition to bring the baby back to their parents.

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  1. Arekäl

    Accident? The child was severely burnt from pil spill which is clearly negligence. The child was removed from the care of parents due to this and should stay that way. Every child has right to life.

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