Ahmedabad’s Chandola Lake Deserted: Turns Into A Dust Bowl

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Ahmedabad’s Chandola Lake Deserted: Turns Into A Dust Bowl

| Updated: May 2, 2022 19:19

Chandola Lake of Ahmedabad, located in the Narol region, has disintegrated into nothing but dust. The recent photographs of the lake show its last ruins that look like a drought-stricken place. People used to use Chandola to meet the irrigational and industrial needs of the region. 

Two months ago, Chandola lake was flourishing with substantial levels of water. The Chandola lake, spread over 1200 hectares, is just another deserted land. The water shortage has made it hard for the slums scattered on both sides of the water body. 

Chndola Lake (Present) Photo Credits: Hanif Sindhi

The reasons behind the pulverized lake are choked-up drains and poor sewage management. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) is accountable for looking after the lake. AMC has failed to stop pollution and littering around the lake.

It has become increasingly difficult for the Gujarat authorities to preserve their water bodies. Chandola Lake was one of the only surviving water bodies after 1960. Not only this, but a study by Columbia Water Centre shows the deteriorating groundwater condition of Gujarat. 

Lake Chandola once used to be a beautiful spot in Ahmedabad with local marine life. With no water in the lake, aquatic life has gone extinct. Even the water birds that used to visit the lake have stopped coming to the barren land. 

A similar situation arose a decade ago, to which the civil authorities turned a blind eye. Despite the improvements in the lake’s water levels in January 2022, the current situation of the lake is saddening.

Chandola Lake (January 2022) Photo Credits: Hanif Sindhi

Photo Credits: Hanif Sindhi

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