Ajma At All-Time High With Rs 7,000 For 20 Kgs

| Updated: January 19, 2022 10:21 pm

Ajma or Ajwain is breaking all records. It might have to do with the renewed demand as a potent antidote against corona-related stomach flatulence or just as a seasonal guard against cold. Wednesday saw the humble seed-spice fetch Rs 7,000 for 20 kgs at the Hapa Market Yard in Jamnagar. 

Amran taluka in Jamnagar district is considered the hub for Ajma. Prices for the spice across the state are determined keeping Jamnagar in mind. The amount was a 1,937-times increase over the Rs 5,000 for 20 kgs a fortnight ago. 

During plantation season, the plant saw a low yield due to heavy rains. Hence, the supply suffered a setback. Added, renewed demand for ajma has been bolstered by its curative properties against common cold and flatulence. 

Meanwhile, another record price was set by a sack of cumin at Unjha market yard in Mehsana at Rs. 11,111.

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