All Thanks To PM Modi, North East Is finally Associating Itself With India: Amit Shah

| Updated: May 22, 2022 8:08 pm

The Union Home and Cooperation Minister, Amit Shah, inaugurated and did the foundation stone laying ceremony for different development projects worth Rs.1000 crores in Namsai, Arunachal Pradesh on Sunday, May 22, 2022.

The Union Minister who is currently on his two-day visit to the state, met with stakeholders to discuss the security situation as well as development efforts, later, he also had lunch with the security personnel present at the event.

“Arunachal Pradesh is a brightly shining gem in Mother India’s crown and this holy land is the meeting point of many cultures”, stated the Union Minister.

While addressing the gathering, he also said that the central government will be coming up with two universities for strengthening the defence sectors. He said, ” Prime Minister Narendra Modi has moved forward with the project of two important professional universities related to the defence sector – the National Forensic Science University and the National Defense University”.

During the last 8 years, the double engine government of Chief Minister Pema Khandu and Prime Minister Narendra Modi has achieved what was not done in the last 50 years, for the all-round development of Arunachal Pradesh, stated The Union Home and Cooperation Minister

He said, ” In eight years, the Prime Minister himself has visited the North East more than 50 times and has asked all ministers in the Government of India to visit a State in the North East every 15 days”.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created a corruption-free system in which money sent by the Union Government reaches the people of Arunachal Pradesh and the people of the North East”, he further added.

While talking about the situation of Arunachal Pradesh he said, “The North East, which was once in the news for terrorism, extremism and bomb blasts, is today known for tourism, development, its infrastructure, its different dialects, languages, dance forms, music and cuisines”.

Additionally, he also highlighted agendas the central government has for the Northeast in the coming future. He said ” The government at the Center has a three-point agenda for the North East. Preserving and promoting its dialects, languages, dance forms, music, cuisine, cultural diversity and natural beauty and bringing tourism from around the world to the beautiful North East, including Arunachal Pradesh. To establish peace by ending all inter-State disputes in the North East and to see that the North East becomes a developed region.”

“Road and rail connectivity has been established in the eight states of the North East and Arunachal Pradesh will very soon be getting its airport,” added Shah.

“Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Government of India has reduced incidents of insurgency and terrorism in the North-East by 89 per cent. The change that Narendra Modi has brought in the North East in eight years has never been experienced before”, he said.

He further highlighted that due to the tireless efforts of the Prime Minister, the people of the North East are associating themselves with India and people from the rest of the country are also ready to visit this region for tourism and consider the North East as their own.

The Union minister also talked about the border dispute in Arunachal Pradesh, he said, “There has been a border dispute between Assam and Arunachal Pradesh for the last 50 years and I assure you that this border dispute shall end soon.”

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