AMC’s Green Initiative A Huge Success With Solar Panels On Govt Buildings

| Updated: December 29, 2022 12:05 pm

The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation has kept it pledge for a green initiative. Though the energy conservation plan was initiated in 2013, it was taken up in real earnest in 2021-22. Since then, 28 AMC buildings were fitted with got solar panels which together produce 1.5 megawatts (MW) of electricity. The results have been satisfactory. The panels generate a minimum 3 units per kilowatt per day, which takes the total to 25 lakh units and generates savings of Rs 1.6 crore.

The panels have mainly been installed on community halls, Urban Health Centers, all AMC zonal offices, Scouts Bhavan, the multi-level parking in Navrangpura and other buildings of the civic body. Adopting renewable and cost-efficient energy sources has reduced AMC’s mammoth electricity bill of about Rs 250 crore a year.

Sources from AMC Energy Efficiency Cell shared: “Energy generated from solar panels lowered the electricity bills which were a huge drain on funds. Plus, electricity supply has also reduced distribution losses.” Setting an example, AMC’s green cell functionaries also vouched for the minimal-carbon approach that alternative energy sources entail. Civic authorities are planning to take it forward in a big way and will, shortly be tabling a plan for all new buildings of AMC to be fitted with solar panels.”

This apart, the civic body also flaunts a robust wind energy project, developed in four phases. It set up wind energy projects at Nakhatrana in Kutch in three phases from 2016-2019, each with a capacity of 4.2 MW totaling 12.6 MWs. The fourth phase project at Jamjodhpur in Jamnagar produced 8.4 MW of power, bringing total wind energy generation to 21 MW in all four phases.

Power generated from wind energy is used in the water treatment plants at Kotarpur, Jaspur, Raska and water distribution systems, sewage plants, besides a regular supply to SVP hospital in Ahmedabad.

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