‘Rickshaw walo’ Becomes Fraudster, Cheats People Of Rs 360 Crore

| Updated: March 16, 2022 11:11 am

In an astonishing case, an autorickshaw driver and his wife, named as promoters of an IT company in Surat, were booked for cheating people of Rs 360 crore by promising to double their investments.

Vijay Vanzara who used to drive autorickshaw and his wife Mamta, residents of Magdalla in Surat, were also booked in 2021 by Bengaluru police for duping people of Rs 120 crore with similar modusoperandi.

In an FIR filed on Tuesday with Naranpura police, a registrar in ROC (Registrar of Companies) Anu Vivek said that the Director-General of Corporate Affairs had instructed the ROC that the accused, who had established a firm named 360 Teq Software Private Limited on March 26, 2021, were involved in the cheating of Rs 360 crore.

In these offences, handsome returns were promised against investment of small amounts starting from Rs 500. The accused used Power Bank mobile applications as a platform to attract investors. Vijay and a travel agent named Jay Parekh floated the firm and received the investments through Razorpay.

Bengaluru police first traced Vijay in March 2021 through his banking transactions.

The complaint filed with Naranpura police said that Vijay’s firm did not have any other documents apart from a certificate of establishment of companies. It also noted that the company had paid-up capital of only Rs 10,000.

The police have registered a complaint of cheating and abatement under the IPC along with the charges under IT Act against the couple.

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