Employee Frauds Amul Of Rs 4 Cr; Accused On The Run

| Updated: February 18, 2022 3:32 pm

Anil Bayani, a General Manager of Amul, has registered an FIR in the Adalaj police station against Ujjwal Vyas, Assistant Manager at the accounts departments at the company.

He has been booked for providing fake transportation bills totalling the amount of Rs 4,02,48,083 in 12 years between July 2010 to February 2022.

During an internal audit, Rameshchandra Jain, an accountant, found that a Miti Vyas, owner of MU Cartig transport company, had the same address as Ujjwal. Upon further inquiry, it came to light that Miti and Ujjwal are married, which was a violation of the company’s policy that no employee or their close relative cannot do business with the company.

After which, Anil Bayani went through the whole record of their transactions. Some buried secrets came to the surface, showing that Ujjwal was passing fake transportation bills in the accounting department.

Upon Confontration, they promised to return the whole amount and provided two blank cheques and two cheques of 5 lakh each. The 5 lakh cheques were enchased on 14th February.

But on 15th February, when Ujjwal didn’t show up, and his call went unanswered, Anil sent some employees to check his residence in Orchid Elegance, South Bopal in Ahmedabad. Upon finding the house locked, the complaint was lodged by Anil Bayani.

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