Annual Tarot By Radhika Rai

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Annual Tarot By Radhika Rai

| Updated: January 3, 2023 11:29

January: This month the tarot guides you to focus on upgrading your skills. Polish what you already know. Chisel away what is no longer needed. Take up a new course that adds value to what you are already doing. This month is about creating abundance by focusing on how you can become the best in your field of work. This could also mean how you can carve your way to achieve your goals in this year. Write down concrete goals and level up with your action plan to achieve your goals. It could be goals related to your health, relationship, career or finance. 

February: You will be receiving new ideas on how to enhance your income. Fresh innovative ways will open up on how you can better your finances. Look out for signs. Universe is talking to us through these signs and symbols. If you are setting repeated numbers like 111, 1212, 444 – these are signs that you are matching the vibrational frequency of the universe. You may get your messages in the form of signboards or a feed on your Instagram. A song may pop up again and again. Focus on those signs and decipher what it is trying to tell you. 

March: This month will be all about new energies. You are now ready and willing to take action. Ready for a fresh new start in all areas of life. Work on igniting your passion and drawing out the energy of creation with this new zest and zeal. Focus on actions that help you in building your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual strength. Aim high as you will be provided with all the energy that you need to achieve your goals. Newness/Innovation/Fresh start are the keywords of this month. Pay special attention to your physical health. What can you add to your daily regime that will lead you to a fitter life.

April: This could be a month where you feel heartache due to a loved one parting away or you yourself making a choice to move on for a better tomorrow. In both cases the pain of missing someone dear is grave. Hold yourself in the blanket of self love and compassion in this month. Your fate is not decided by a failed relationship or friendship. Remember there are no failures in life. We either win or learn from our experiences. Dwelling into self pity will not help you in overcoming this sorrow. Meditate upon the situation and find out what was the learning in this situation. Soak into that lesson and commit to yourself that you will become a better version of you from this moment onwards.

May: This would be a month of re-visiting your childhood memories. Experiencing nostalgic moments. You could meet an old friend or visit a place that reminds you of your childhood days. You could spend some happy and peaceful times with your old family members. This month you may also get an opportunity to reflect upon your past life memories and bring closure to those incidents if that is what is required in your soul journey. Call an old friend whom you have not spoken to for ages or go spend quality time at your ancient house if you can. This month is all about reliving the good old memories and relishing those times. 

June: Recharged and revitalized you will be ready to race your energy. This could also invite some impulsive decisions taken in a jiffy. Hold on to the reign of your desires tight as this may lead to unnecessary accidents. Think before your act. Invest your energies wisely. Avoid burnout. Remember, rest is as important as work. This month you could make some hasty decisions in your intimate relationships as well. Passion is high this month. So, pause and make your choices wisely.

July: This is the month of Justice. A long awaited one. This month you would finally get closure to a pending case. Or a karmic debt could be cleared by your balanced approach. Justice will be by your side if you have made conscious choices in your thoughts, words and deeds. If you meant no harm to others you will surely receive the reward for being honest and truthful. Justice comes to those who believe in the law of karma. They are cautious of their karma. When you understand that what others do is their karma and how you respond is yours, you open doors for the universe to play its part and help you in getting the justice that you deserve. 

August: This is a month of feeling absolutely fulfilled and content. You will feel emotionally rich. You will feel blessed to have all that is adding up to your abundant well-being. You have acquired the treasure of the heart to attract what you have today. You will cherish all your materialistic and non materialistic possessions. A feeling of accomplishment will sail through the month. You will be aware of your exercises that have led you to enjoy this state of being. You will feel that you have enough and more by the grace of the universe. But remember, there is a thin line between feeling abundant and feeling egoistic. Be mindful and open your heart with the power of gratitude. Gratitude keeps us grounded. Practice gratitude this entire month and see the magic increasing multifold.

September: This month could be a month of racing thoughts. When we are filled with innovative ideas we fail to use our rationale for analyzing the viability of those ideas. Take a pause. Think before you let your thoughts loose. This could also be a month where you experience overthinking. Overthinking can take us to random territories. Scenarios that are not even real are created in the mind due to overthinking. We often overthink a negative outcome to any situation. This month be mindful of your thoughts slaying like a wild horse. Be cautious. Express your thoughts wisely. This month tarot reminds you, to become the master of your mind and not allow the mind to master you.

October: This is a month of Divine unions. You could meet your perfect companion this month. Or you could meet a work partner whom the universe has chosen for you. This is a month of love, romance, harmony, family and all things beautiful. Your partner, romantic or otherwise will compliment you as a person. You will feel happy, safe, understood and respected in your relationship. Your union is blessed by all Angelic beings. This is a karmic connection and has come into your life to help rebuild your faith in the universe and its infinite blessings. You have always been an optimist at heart and this month you would reaffirm that the universe has your back, always and in all ways.

November: This is the month of rebirth/ resurrections. Leaving your old self behind you will start rebuilding your new self this month. This is a part of your soul journey. Just as the caterpillar metamorphoses to a beautiful butterfly, you have been in your cocoon all this while. Life has prepared you to take this big leap. You are now ready to spread your wings and fly. All you need is to believe in the process. The journey of rebirth may not be an easy one. But the first light of dawn breaks even after the darkest night. Your life experiences could have been the most testing ones, but now you are ready to receive your rewards. Your triumph is being celebrated by the divine realm too. You had finally chosen the path to absolute freedom. Freedom from all that no longer serves you. You have worked patiently on overcoming your limiting beliefs and thoughts. It’s time to start afresh. A brand new life is waiting for you.

December: Hold your head high. You are the master creator of your life. Your thoughts are clear and lead you to the path of your desired life. You have a vision and you are courageously taking actions to walk that path. You are affirmative and strong headed. Use these virtues in your favor. Communicate your thoughts clearly and calmly. You may be perceived as intimidating by some. That could be because of your knowledge and decision making power. It might threaten people who feel less in your authority. Tarot asks you to believe in yourself and use your power to lead people and not otherwise. This month it is also possible to meet a woman in power who is strong and assertive, who would help you gain clarity in working on your life goals.

Radhika is the Founder of Circle of Hope that is an online community that imparts Hope and Healing to the world. She is the Co-Founder of Gaia The Portal, a platform that serves as a one-stop solution for Holistic Wellness

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  1. Jyotsna Gupta

    This reading is so accurate for me & my family. Each word was meant for me as my guiding tool. Thank you Ruhi for giving us hope, motivation & determination to fight in life as we have so much to do before we say Good Bye. ????

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