Apple Warns Putting Your Wet iPhone in It Could Do More Harm Than Good

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Apple Warns Putting Your Wet iPhone in It Could Do More Harm Than Good

| Updated: February 20, 2024 20:57

Apple Warns Putting Your Wet iPhone in It Could Do More Harm Than Good

Water and iPhones are a notorious bad mix, and desperate times often lead to desperate measures like the age-old “rice bag” trick. But Apple has put a definitive end to this myth, urging users to ditch the rice and adopt safer methods to revive their water-logged devices.

According to Apple’s support documents, highlighted in a recent Macworld report, tiny rice particles can get lodged in ports and other openings, causing internal harm. Instead, they recommend gentler methods:

  • Tap it out: Gently tap your phone against your hand with the charging port facing down, mimicking the “water in your ear” trick.
  • Let it breathe: Find a well-ventilated area and leave your phone to dry naturally for at least 30 minutes. Avoid external heat sources like hair dryers or compressed air.
  • Be patient: If the liquid detection alert persists, wait up to 24 hours for complete drying before plugging it back in.

But why the rice myth? The idea likely stems from rice’s ability to absorb moisture, but its effectiveness for electronics remains unproven. Some experts argue the key benefit is simply giving the device time to dry, not any magical rice powers.

While Apple’s newer iPhones boast water resistance, remember: this doesn’t equal waterproof. No smartphone company covers liquid damage under warranty. So, while rice might be a tasty dish, keep it away from your water-logged phone and follow Apple’s advice for the best chance of recovery.

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