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What Is The Right Age To Give Children Smartphones?

June 21, 2024 09:04

Anjali (name changed),13, came to us with the problem of excessive phone use. She would get angry and even physically violent if her family members tried to restrict phone use. She had created an Instagram account without her parents’ knowledge through which she was communicating with strangers. Anjali developed a phone addiction after a change […]

The Power Of Daily Rituals And Why You Should Have Them Too

May 16, 2024 08:58

Krishna Sarma is a busy Delhi-based lawyer who specialises in intellectual property rights. Her early morning ritual is a 45-minute walk alone so that she can clear her head. “That is the only time in the day when I have time to listen to my favourite music. I listen to podcasts to catch up with […]

‘Call Them Community Dogs, Not Strays’ 

April 6, 2024 05:15

When we are on a morning walk, or out to do some errands, many of us are scared and anxious about being attacked by street dogs. This is a valid fear as there have been  countless cases of dog bites in our city.  The street dog population is estimated to be around two lakhs in […]

Are you a regular ‘phubber’? Curb the habit and enhance your relationships  

February 8, 2024 17:31

Capture this scene in your mind’s eye. Amita and her husband, Nirav, are having a conversation. Well, if you can call that a conversation. Nirav is absorbed in his phone and despite Amita’s repeated requests to look up and listen to her, there is no response from him except for ‘Hmms’ and ‘Uhhs’.  This is […]

Enabling Children To Become Good Citizens

January 26, 2024 12:07

Meghna spoke up courageously in front of the local authorities telling them that the roof of her village school leaked whenever it rained. Responding promptly, the Panchayat Development Officer approved repair work for the school roof.     When Nitesh saw that several public taps in his village were out of order, he decided to call the […]

New Year Resolutions: Hope Or Hype?

December 30, 2023 15:52

There is something about the New Year. It brings a sense of hope, a feeling of resurgence and a quest for new beginnings. That’s probably why people make New Year resolutions. They seek to change old habits, don new hats and take on the coming year with positivity and optimism.  But do New Year resolutions […]

Making learning fun for underprivileged kids 

November 11, 2023 19:39

Revathi belongs to a nomadic tribal community of Tamil Nadu. Her father passed away before her birth and she lost her mother when she was 10. At present, she lives in a children’s home in Nagapattinam and goes to a nearby government school. She loves the online classes conducted by the Centre for Learning and […]

How Kindness Can Improve Mental Health

November 10, 2023 14:00

Today, November 13, 2023, is World Kindness Day. Hmm. Isn’t that a topic for sermons? Or, something moralists love to go on about. Well, perhaps it is. But kindness is also closely linked to mental health. In fact, giving or receiving kindness can help reduce stress levels and ward off depression.   Kindness means saying or […]

FlexiBees: Giving Women The Choice To Return To Work On Their Own Terms 

September 5, 2023 22:39

The company matches client requirements with its pool of over 50,000 women giving the latter opportunities to work part-time and remotely  How do you give a large, talented and experienced pool of women who take a break from work, usually to raise children, opportunities to re-enter the workforce in a flexible mode?  It is to […]

Why Social Media Use Is A Double-Edged Sword

July 13, 2023 12:57

While it can boost connections and self-esteem of individuals, and has become a vital marketing tool for businesses, new research suggests that heavy usage of social media has a negative impact on anxiety, depression and sleep quality Asha*, a college student in her 20s from Vadodara, says: “I spend five to six hours a day […]

The Whisper Is Out: India’s Oscar Win Is An Ode To Woman Power 

March 14, 2023 18:13

It was a heart-stopping moment for Indians across the world. The very first completely Indian made film, ‘The Elephant Whisperers’, won an Oscar at the 95th Academy Awards. Set in the scenic Mudumalai National Park in Tamil Nadu, the film won the award in the documentary short film category. The documentary shows how an indigenous […]

The Highs And Lows Of Trying To Be A Superwoman

December 13, 2022 14:34

She is always trying to beat the clock. There is the laundry to be done, a job-related presentation to be finished, the PTA meeting to attend at her daughter’s school, groceries to be ordered… She can’t remember when she had a good night’s sleep. She is trying hard to be a superwoman and it’s taking […]

Battling Food Addiction: How To Set Yourself Free 

November 26, 2022 11:46

Food addiction, that can have serious health consequences, can be overcome with consistent effort and support “A former client of mine in her late 50s could not control overeating. She was severely diabetic but would give in to a craving for sweets. It was a clear case of food addiction. The foundation for this behaviour […]

When A Woman Chooses To Be Childfree

November 20, 2022 18:22

“Don’t you want children?” This is probably the most common question a woman in her mid-20s or 30s is asked if she is married. And, the answer is often tricky. Choosing to have a baby is one of the biggest and most significant decisions a woman has to make. A child will change her life […]

Is Multitasking Bad For You?

August 31, 2022 16:31

Attending to one task at a time improves performance as well as satisfaction   These days, there’s quite a buzz about how multitasking increases productivity in the workplace and even at home. However, research points out that it is not good for mental health. Moreover, it is debatable whether it does increase productivity.  In fact, many […]

Gujarat’s MMR Dips, In-Line With UN’s SDGs 

May 28, 2022 14:29

While pregnancy and becoming a mother are times of great joy for most women, for some childbirth turns into a nightmare, and, at times, a grave tragedy. Among all the health indicators, maternal mortality is a very important one as it shows the position women hold in society. Today, May 28, 2022, is the International […]

A Tribute To Tea: The Cup That Uplifts! 

May 21, 2022 10:31

My apologies to coffee lovers, but this one is all about tea. Today, May 21, 2022, being International Tea Day, it’s important to express what tea means to so many people. A cup of tea makes you feel upbeat, recharges the brain and energises you as no other beverage can.  Tea is a product of […]

A Unique Support Group For Mental Health Launched In Ahmedabad 

May 11, 2022 17:13

Members can share their experiences and problems in a safe, non-judgemental space. It was a joyful evening. The meaningful conversation and subtle insights were interspersed with frequent laughter. The first meeting of ‘Ekaaa’, a support group for people with mental health issues, was an unqualified success. The proof: Members left with smiles on their faces […]

A Platform That Taps Creativity in Kids

May 6, 2022 18:46

Children from 140 towns and cities in India and abroad send contributions in the form of written pieces, art work or photos to Bookosmia Bookosmia (which means ‘smell of books’) is a platform that promotes creativity among children. The venture is headquartered in Bengaluru but it receives contributions from children located in 140 towns and […]

Here Children Bond With Animals Making For A Compassionate Society

April 2, 2022 09:54

This 2000-square-feet area in Ghuma, Ahmedabad, is a very special place. It’s a place where rescued animals are taken care of lovingly for life. It’s also a place where children visit to interact with these ‘companion animals’ – donkeys, pigs, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, goats, sheep, chicken, turkey, ducks, geese, pigeons – nearly 20 species […]