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Geniben Thakor and her Pink Nylon Cotton Saree

June 10, 2024 13:08

She believes in the harbinger of hopes. Small pebbles, smiling kids, crops swaying in an open field. And her pink saree. Her pink saree is one such omen. “Not only is it my favourite saree, I wear it to all my favourite places,” Geniben Thakor says, adding that it did not cost her beyond Rs […]

Will Gujarat strike a BJP Hattrick?

May 7, 2024 20:06

In Gujarat, it is not the BJP that wins. It is Prime Minister Narendra Modi. So confident is the BJP that it began its experiment of dropping sitting MPs by droves and giving a chance to new faces, many times political novices who went to win with handsome margins. In 2014 when Narendra Modi then […]

Gujarat’s Valsad Decides Who Rules India, Always.

May 7, 2024 19:34

Valsad in South Gujarat is a parliamentary constituency that is known for one particular reason. Whichever political party wins Valsad Loksabha election gets to rule India. Ever since the first parliamentary election of India, it has been observed that Valsad is the bellwether seat of India. Today on Tuesday, Valsad in Gujarat polled the highest voting […]

Mukesh Dalal Declared Unopposed in Surat Loksabha Election

April 23, 2024 18:08

Jai Shri Ram, says Mukesh Dalal and he would not stop till he acknowledged. Sure. Lord Ram must be laughing at him with all his blessings. He was contesting the Surat Loksabha election on the BJP ticket but following a slight signature glitch in the papers of Congress candidate Nilesh Kumbhani, Mukesh Dalal has been […]

Food, Faith and Fascism in New India

April 17, 2024 19:26

Because it is Gujarat, the latest comment by Prime Minister Narendra Modi that flaunting and eating meat during the Hindu holy month of sawan (called chaitra in Gujarati) is being lapped up as a yet another bold stand by the unstoppable prime minister. Food fascism in Gujarat is not new. Gujaratis are absolutely okay doing business and selling or […]

Why the BJP is worried about the Rupala controversy in Gujarat

April 4, 2024 18:33

The Gujarat BJP has never had it this complicated. The Party is now seriously ruminating to replace Rajkot Loksabha candidate amidst fear of losing vital Kshatriya votes in Gujarat. The BJP won all 26 Loksabha seats in Gujarat in 2019 and wants to repeat the feat. But Kshatriyas in Gujarat are up in arms against […]

Local Youths, Not Hostelites, Behind Attack on International Students at Gujarat University

March 18, 2024 18:48

Those who attacked international Muslim students on Gujarat University campus were not hostelites but local youth who barged into the A block which housed these foreign students. Surprisingly, what began as an internal hostel clash between two groups is now snowballing into a case of Islamophobia. So far five youths have been arrested by the […]

Late Congress leader Ahmed Patel’s Bharuch goes to AAP in Poll Alliance

February 24, 2024 16:31

Now that the Aam Aadmi Party and the Congress have announced an electoral alliance, all eyes are on the Bharuch Loksabha seat in Gujarat. There are 26 Loksabha seats in Gujarat. Currently, all 26 are with the BJP. As per the AAP-Congress alliance, two seats in Gujarat, Bharuch and Bhavnagar, have been given to Arvind […]

Chhattisgarh Believes In Continuity And Hence Congress’ Baghel Govt Likely To Be Re-elected

December 3, 2023 11:08

This resource-rich State in Central India is one of the fastest developing States of India. Bhupesh Baghel of Congress is seeking a second term. There are 90 seats in Chhattisgarh and 46 seats are required to form a majority government. Bhupesh Baghel is known for his governance, administrative skills, innovative welfare schemes and patience. Before […]

Cadila Pharma CMD Accussed of Sexual Harrasment

November 22, 2023 20:17

Women and Cadila Pharma owner Rajiv Modi, a known Gujarat-based pharmaceutical unit, always has had an uneasy relationship. Elena (not her real name), a Bulgarian woman working as a personal assistant to Cadila CMD Rajiv Modi has accused him of sexual harassment. The woman earlier had written an application to the local Vastrapur police but […]

Fake Feast On In Gujarat. Yet Another “Sarkari Fake” Caught

October 28, 2023 20:16

The Gujarat Police has arrested an executive engineer, albeit a fake one who flaunted his government credentials and embezzled roughly Rs 4.15 crore for “tribal welfare”. He gathered the money for 93 plus tribal welfare schemes. He had also opened up his government office in Chhota Udepur district of Gujarat. In the recent past, Kiran […]

One More Fake PMO Director Caught From Gujarat

October 17, 2023 19:24

Gujarat has a bad history of fakes and impersonation. After the infamous Kiran Patel case, where an Ahmedabad resident was caught while he continued to pose as Additional Director (strategy and campaigns ) associated with the Prime Minister’s Office; one more fake PMO official has now been booked by the CBI. This man, identified as […]

Dahaad Type of Crime Solved by DCP Ajit & Cyber Crime team in Gujarat

October 5, 2023 23:13

Remember the soft-spoken, erudite Joe, aka Penn Badgley, in the Netflix bestseller “You”? Or back home, the absolutely average middle-aged, rustic Vijay Varma in Dahaad? The Cyber Cell of Gujarat police has finally arrested a similar murderer, an absolute, rigid criminal, a much-below-average-looking middle-aged man who has no remorse for killing his wife, Sajni, on […]

More Trouble For Former Gujarat IAS Pradeep Sharma

August 12, 2023 17:26

As if 12 cases in 15 years are not enough, now Gujarat cadre former IAS officer Pradip Sharma has now been sentenced to a month’s imprisonment for possessing a cell phone in Palara jail in Kutch.  A raid by local authorities reportedly discovered a cell phone in Pradeep Sharma’s barrack along with several numbers written […]

Gujarat Loses Its Own Google, Achyut Bhai No More.

August 8, 2023 19:36

If you wanted to know Gujarat, the real Gujarat it was not possible not to have “encountered” Achyut  Yagnik. Outsiders often mistook him for an academician interested in just the socio-political and cultural aspects of Gujarat. But those few who regularly kept in touch with him and later became friends knew that Achyut Yagnik was […]

The Perils Of Being A Modern Dhritarashtra 

July 26, 2023 17:20

Dear parents, This is an open letter that you must read if you do not want to raise kids like Tathya Patel, Manu Sharma, Vismay Shah or Param Sharma. Tathya is in the news for ramming his car into a crowd, killing nine and injuring 13. Vismay, who could now be called Tathya’s junior, was […]

Ignoring 3 Hs, Karnataka Voters’ Poll Dance Is Win For Democracy

May 13, 2023 20:36

The great North-South Divide in India has always been intriguing. Of course, once it became apparent that the Congress will sweep the mighty BJP out of the southern state of Karnataka, a few ‘news’ channels started focusing more on the local body elections in Uttar Pradesh rather than the Assembly polls in Karnataka. But then, […]

Amritkal Warning: Beware Of Munnabhais In Gujarat Govt

April 15, 2023 22:27

Actor Sanjay Dutt provided us with the laughs when he, as a loveable rogue, cleared the medical exam using a dummy candidate in Munnabhai MBBS. An investigation by Vibes Of India can reveal that there are at least two dozen Munnabhais and bens currently employed by the Gujarat government in various positions. These two dozen […]

Of Narendra Modi, Gujarat And Rahul Gandhi: The Vulgarity Of Speech

March 28, 2023 09:47

For any Gujarat-based journalist to see Rahul Gandhi being disqualified as a member of parliament for his statement of why “these thieves from Lalit Modi to Nirav Modi have the Modi surname” would sound nothing but a boring, casual political statement. Because many of us have constantly and consistently followed Narendrabhai Modi. If I have […]

The Story Of The Fake PMO Official Who Took The Government For A Ride

March 21, 2023 17:57

Conman Kiran Patel’s arrest in Jammu and Kashmir is just the tip of the iceberg. Focusing on the Jammu and Kashmir police’s so-called inefficiency and administrative competence – or the lack of it – would be papering over the obvious issues. Two pertinent questions scream out. How could he defraud the system entirely on his […]