Avoid These 10 Breakfast Foods For Better Health 

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Avoid These 10 Breakfast Foods For Better Health 

| Updated: May 25, 2024 09:40

Breakfast, as the first meal of the day, should be nutritious and give you the energy to remain active

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and as such should be nutritious and give you the energy to remain active. In fact, what we eat for breakfast has a major impact on our health and sense of well-being.    

Here are 10 breakfast options to avoid to ensure good health: 

Sugary cereals: These are easy-to-make foods, but may be high in sugar.  If so, they will give you a temporary energy boost followed by a crash. If you opt for whole-grain, low-sugar cereals you are safe ground. 

Pooris and stuffed parathas: Pooris are a no-no because they are deep-fried. Parathas too are made with generous dollops of oil and are heavy on the stomach. 

White bread toast: White bread is made from refined flour, which lacks the fibre and nutrients found in whole grains. Opt for whole-grain bread to provide your body with sustained energy and essential nutrients.   

Packaged fruit juices: These may seem a healthy choice, but they often lack fibre and contain added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Instead, eat fruits or prepare fresh juice at home.  

Sugared coffee: This is a common breakfast item as many of us need our caffeine fix in the morning. But not only is sugar intake unhealthy, caffeine drinks can be dehydrating. 

Breakfast bars: People on the run may pick up a couple of granola or oats bars for breakfast. But these are highly processed foods with added sugars. Look for one that has limited or no sugar and at least 10 gms of protein to give you a sense of fullness.

Pancakes and muffins: Eaten with syrup, these can be unhealthy. Instead you could eat them with cut fruits. Opt for whole-grain varieties. While convenient, store-bought muffins are  high in refined sugars and unhealthy fats. 

Processed meats: Bacon and sausage might be breakfast staples in some families, but their high sodium and saturated fat content can be detrimental to health.

Smoothies: Smoothies bought from  a store are high in sugar and are made from powders and mixes instead of natural ingredients. Make a healthy smoothie at home using leafy greens, fresh fruit, nuts, seeds, oats and milk/yoghurt/ice cream.

Flavoured yoghurt: Yoghurt is a good source of protein and probiotics. However, many varieties of yoghurt that are bought are loaded with added sugar. The low fat ones may be less filling. 

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