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Luxury vibes with Purva Patel

| Updated: July 13, 2021 16:24

Alexandra Shulman rightly said, “After all, no one has ever picked up a handbag and asked Does it make me look fat?” That is so true!

Bags per se are a commodity that women would shed their hard-earned money into! Especially after the First World War, women no longer had to have hidden pockets inside their skirts. They could finally feel as independent as a man would. 

The classic Louis Vuitton’s Multi Pochette – a Monogram Canvas that includes Mini Pochette accessories like a round coin purse – is an ideal choice for a regular and of course, a stylish day in the city! 

Dior’s book tote for a day where I need to work is my second choice. Oh does it make me feel good! A bag fully embroidered in blue, adorned with CHRISTIAN DIOR signature on the front and holds all my daily essentials is a bag I turn to. 

Lady Dior is an ageless yet relevant lambskin leathered quilted bag along with Hermes Kelly – size 28, a trapezoidal dream is my go-to for dinners or an evening with friends. They’re elegant, classic and alluring and they look nothing less than how they make you feel. 

LV’s Neverfull Monet is a limited edition tote bag adorned with a Claude Monet painting. A precious thing to carry to add a little jump to your step.

Lastly, I love my lambskin Burgundy and metal gold chain Chanel Classic Flap. 

Best places to buy 

As you might have noticed, most of my favourites are Italian and French brands so Europe is my haven!

Of course, a lot of people now choose to buy them online, but I am an old-school buyer. I still like to feel it and explore the texture and hold it and look at myself in the mirror with my arm candy before it holds a permanent place in my wardrobe.

How to preserve bags for a long time?

So as you start the process of storing a bag you need to make sure you clean the bag properly before moving any further. Cleaning your bag is quite vital for it to have a longer shelf life.

Assure to pack your bag with adequate stuffing; it could be either a piece of cloth or a small pillow but you cannot overstuff it, it could make a long term impression on the bag. 

Lastly, all luxury bags come with Dustbags, double-check to use them religiously. 

Bags should not be stored in a very humid place, it might be at risk of developing an odour or a mould in the longer run. It’s always better to have silica pockets inside the bag to not have an issue with excessive humidity. Also with unnecessary light exposure, the bag can fade or soil depending on the skin of the bag. Storing them in darker places would help. Most of the cities now have dedicated leather laundries, I send my bags to Delhi regularly. 

Bags to look out for…

Valentino Supree – comes in three different sizes

Bottega’s Shell tote 

Jacquemus mini bags are the season’s favourite 

Bellissima hour glass tote bags are the talk of the hour 

One of your favourite bags and the memories around it

Chanel Coco Handle

Picked up this all-time favourite crisp and sturdy handbag in Capri. I was on the island not more than half a day when I made the trip to this darling of a Chanel store. Firstly I completely fell in love with the store, it was calling me. The reason the bag is so special to me was that I never planned on getting this bag; I had a different one in mind, but when I saw it in an enchanted blue shade, I had to get it. It still holds the top shelf in my wardrobe.

Purva Patel

Purva Patel is a luxury bag connoisseur, accessories aficionado and footwear fanatic. She is the founder of Pristine Paige, events and weddings. She has an eye for aesthetics and refined taste to collect all things luxury.

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