BJP Criticises Rahul Gandhi’s Burberry Tshirt, Congress Reminds Them Of PM’s Rs 10 lakh suit.

| Updated: September 9, 2022 6:18 pm

New Delhi:  Rahul Gandhi’s white Burberry T-shirt became a topic for the ruling Bhartiya Janata Party who mocked the Rs 41,257 price tag. Surprisingly, the BJP received flak for its criticism with masses counter attacking the Party for ignoring the super luxury brands worn by their leaders“. Even in Gujarat, the BJP’s official comments on Rahul Gandhi’s t-shirt backfired.

Link of post which is shared by BJP Gujarat’s official Facebook page

BJP Gujarat – જરાં જુઓ, સફેદ કપડાં પહેરી સાદગીનો ઢોંગ… | Facebook

Some reactions from the comment Section of shared Post

The BJP  on Friday taunted Congress  leader Rahul Gandhi by  tweeting his photograph along with the price tag of the T-shirt he was wearing. Rhyming with Congress’ ‘Bharat Jodo’ Yatra, the BJP, through its official Twitter handle, said ‘Bharat, Dekho’ (India, see) as the party shared the price tag of the ‘Burberry T-shirt’ Gandhi was seen wearing.

According to the BJP tweet, Gandhi’s T-shirt was priced at Rs 41,257. Gandhi was seen wearing the T-shirt during the Puducherry leg of his Bharat Jodo Yatra. Vibes of India could not personally confirm whether Rahul Gandhi was wearing the Burberry Tshirt or not on Friday during his padyatra but going by the BJP’s claim , the saffron party’s tshirt criticism did not draw a positive response from netizens who chided the BJP for going after Rahul in a shallow manner. Several netizens countered the criticism by putting up pictures of expensive branded clothes and accessories sported by top BJP leaders.

Modi ji’s Rs 10 lakh suit, Rs 1.5 lakh glasses will also be discussed: Congress

Congress was quick to hit back as the party cited BJP’s tweet and questioned if it was ‘scared’. “Are you scared seeing the crowd that gathered at the India Jodo Yatra? Talk about the real issues… Speak on unemployment and inflation. If we have to discuss the rest of the clothes, then Modi ji’s suit of Rs 10 lakh and glasses worth Rs 1.5 lakh will also be discussed,” Congress said in a tweet.

Some Congress supporters like @anshumansail also put up tweets saying the Tshirt cost less than Rs 5500 and that the BJP was lying about the price tag

Congress spokesman Jairam Ramesh said the BJP was scared with the Bharat Jodo Yatra and hence was indulging in petty politics targeting Congress for its tshirts, socks, containers and other stuff. “We are talking about democracy and look at what level is the BJP stooping too”, Jairam Ramesh asked.

Meanwhile, Gandhi, on the other hand, launched a scathing attack on the ruling BJP targetting the Centre over price rise, inflation and employment. “India now faces a bankruptcy of vision for what the future of our country should be. We are for corporate India. We are against the idea of massive monopolies. We are against unfairness, be it against farmers or MSMEs. We will act to ensure fairness prevails,” Gandhi said during the rally today.

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