BMW Owner Risks Self To Revive Car Cost

| Updated: March 12, 2022 1:35 pm

Theft cases are on the rise in the city of Ahmedabad but in a sort of a case, a car owner bought a BMW who lost his own car in order to get the insurance money back. He arranged his own men to steal the car but the Ahmedabad police were clever enough to crack the case in a matter of few hours and caught hold of the culprit.

Museeb Sheikh filed a complaint with the Vivekananda Nagar police station area in the rural area of ​​Ahmedabad, alleging the theft of a BMW car parked outside his house. The investigation was initiated immediately after the complaint was filed and found out that the complainant himself was the culprit.

The complainant mentioned in the complaint that he had given his car to a friend who had later given it to another friend. They were negotiating on the price of the car after it was turned over. The owner was trying to be clever and had got his own men to steal the car and had hidden in the city of Vadodara. It was revealed that he wanted to recover the price of the car and wanted the insurance company to revive the cost and so he did this. The accused car owner is a car salesman and wanted to take the amount of car insurance.

Yet all went in vain when the city police exposed the scam and have also arrested two accused in this case and the other two are at a run and are hiding to avoid the arrest. The accused who stole the car also has a history of theft and if caught then the investigation is likely to come up with yet bigger revelations.

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