‘Boycott Atrangi Re’ Is Trending On Twitter, Find Out Why

| Updated: January 1, 2022 9:11 am

It was just a few days back that netizens were demanding a boycott on the movie 83, and now, Atrangi Re has also come under the hatred radar of the audience as a demand for Boycott is being called on the film.

Atrangi Re, directed by Anand L Rai, starring Akshay Kumar, Sara Ali Khan and Dhanush was released on Christmas Eve, December 24. While the film got the greatest first day of the season on Disney+ Hotstar, it is currently receiving extreme hatred on social media platform Twitter. Netizens have begun slamming the film on Twitter, primarily in light of its ‘Hinduphobia plot.’ The angry audience is also calling for a ban on the film entirely and urging to address that why Bollywood films these days contain such content which is hurting the sentiments of a religious group.

According to the sources, in just three days, Atrangi Re became the top-performing web film/series of the last week garnering around 8.8 million views on Disney+ Hotstar. It was so far received mostly positive reviews, But it seems that a section of the audiences who claim that the film has ‘hurt their religious sentiments have taken Twitter ablaze in demanding a Boycott for the film. One of the probable factors for their hatred can be that a subplot of the film is about the love story between a Muslim guy and a Hindu girl, also, on a scene, lead actors of the film are allegedly seen disrespecting Hindu Deities.

Bashing the film even further, a Twitterati wrote, “They want to market the movie in Pakistan and they know that Hinduphobic content wont stop Hindus from watching it…so keep the cake and eat it too wala funda hai unka.. we need to start boycotting, only then they will come back on track.”

While, another wrote, “’Atrangi Re’ has a scene which mocks Shiv ji & Hanuman ji. What is Bollywood’s problem with Hinduism exactly? Why the compulsive need to insert something Hinduphobic into every movie? This industry needs to be boycotted permanently out of business.”

Series of tweets followed the incident with the hashtag #Boycott_Atrangi_Re.

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