BTS’ J-Hope Calls RM and Suga his support system 

| Updated: August 9, 2022 7:39 pm

BTS rapper and lead dancer J-Hope opened up about his new album Jack In The Box, his Lollapalooza performance as well as the support he received from RM & Suga. Jimin flew to Chicago on Saturday to support J-Hope for his debut Lollapalooza performance. The rapper brought the roof down with his hit tracks, Arson, More and paid tribute to his fellow members with the song Dynamite.

J-Hope with Jimin

J-Hope opened up about his experiences and the love that he received from his members and fans. He said that BTS leader RM (Kim Nam-Joon) had expressed his pride after hearing the song What If from the Jack In The Box album.  

J-Hope recalled, “RM had said, ‘I’m proud that you’re trying this kind of music, and Suga said ‘I will listen to music when it comes out so I can enjoy just as a listener.” He also revealed that the pre-release track ‘More’ was the most difficult for him, “It hurts my neck a lot, and I recorded it several times.”

He also emphasised that BTS members were his ‘safety zone’ (also a song in the album), along with ARMY. Calling Jimin his strength in the dark times, J-Hope also said that V was the one who called him the most and cheered him during the promotions relentlessly.

July was the month of J-Hope as ARMY says—the rapper began by releasing the song ‘More’, and then later dropped the album, Jack In The Box, which raged through Billboard. It was another step in his solo career as he had hinted earlier about showcasing different sides to himself during the Fiesta Dinner 2022.

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