Canada Reveals Plan For International Travel Vaccine Passport

| Updated: October 22, 2021 6:18 pm

The fully vaccinated Canadians will soon be able to download a vaccine passport that will facilitate international travel. They will now have to show a provincially issued vaccine passport with a machine-readable QR code and the familiar Canada wordmark with a maple leaf while travelling abroad or boarding trains.

The officials said that they are confident that other countries will accept the “Pan-Candian” standardised document. The work to ensure international partners are familiar with it and can consider it as Canada’s proof of vaccination card.   

Rather than making a federal database for health information, the government will be leaving it to the provinces and instead issue a standardized digital document that has a watermark in the upper right corner. By November 30, all provinces will provide the new QR-coded and Canada-wordmarked forms.

What information will the standardized document have?

The standardized document will contain the information like document holder’s full name, date of birth, their vaccination status, number of doses they took, vaccine type, name and lot number, and the date on which they were vaccinated.

Recently, Canada opened its borders for fully vaccinated tourists. The people travelling to Canada have to upload their vaccination proof and COVID-19 tests to an application called ArriveCan. Apart from this, each province has a different vaccine passport because public health mostly comes under provincial jurisdiction.

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