Canada To Accommodate 15 Lakh Immigrants Over Next 3 Years

| Updated: November 3, 2022 10:35 am

Feeling the pinch of labour shortage in high-skilled sectors such as IT and healthcare, Canada will welcome 15 lakh immigrants over the next three years.

As per August 2022 figures, there are 9,58,000 vacancies in Canada. Though there are about 10 lakh unemployed persons in Canada at present, they are not able to fulfil the vacancies as they do not have the required skill set. 

The situation is aggravated by the fact that a large number of skilled workers from the Canadian workforce are now retiring. The panic among the business houses is palpable. As many as 25 percent of the Canadian population is set to retire by end of the decade.

Immigration Minister Sean Fraser announced that Canada has raised the target to welcome new permanent residents by four percent for the year 2023. Canada hopes to intake 4,65,000 new immigrants in 2023.

The roadmap further envisages 4,85,000 new permanent residents in 2024 and targets 5,00,000 in 2025. 

It is expected that citizenship rules will also be more relaxed now. This may mean a massive jump in the number of Indian immigrants to Canada over the next few years.

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