Canadian Government To Now Issue Visa Guidelines In Gujarati

| Updated: March 17, 2023 2:15 pm

In a bid to crack down on fraudulent clauses sold by fake travel agents to Gujarat residents who dream of studying in Canada, the Canadian government will henceforth issue visa-related guidelines in Gujarati, in addition to the already available Hindi and Punjabi languages. The two states are known to send maximum number of students to the Western nations. 

The Canadian government has issued advertisements in newspapers about the visa rules in Hindi, Punjabi and Gujarati. The same clarifies that “no one can guarantee visas.” The commercials also caution students to steer clear from fake visa agents. The advisory says that students’ applications, if filed via an unauthorised representative, might be returned or refused.

The government also advised students to verify the institution’s credentials as a designated learning centre. It also stresses that students should pay tuition fees directly to the school. Warning people against fake documents to obtain a visa, the government has clarified, that such cases stand to warrant a ban from entering Canada for five years.

Regarding work visas, the Canadian government clarified that the company must obtain a certificate from the government, making its intent clear on hiring people from other countries. Anyone applying for a work visa must seek the “Labour Market Impact Assessment.” If the offer sounds too good to be true, it is probably a scam, the advisory notes.

According to Hemant Shah, chairman, India Trade Committee, the move shows the Canadian government takes applicants from Gujarat seriously. “A large number of students and work-visa holders stand to benefit from the guidelines in Gujarati. This minimises the chance of being cheated by agents who exploit the unsuspecting because of their lack of English skills,” he added. 

Significantly, a team of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, arrived in Gujarat earlier in March to join in the ongoing probe on the modus operandi of the many fake immigration networks based out of Gujarat. 

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