Fake Canada work permit scam targets two more Gujaratis.

| Updated: August 10, 2021 7:09 pm

The gang has been active in extorting money from needy people by luring them to get visas and work permits for the people who are ambitious to go abroad. Fraud has come to light after two people were lured to apply for a Canadian visa and work permit in just two days.

Amit, who works for a well-known company in Satellite area of Ahmedabad, read the advertisement for a Canadian visa-work permit in a pamphlet. Amit called on the number, available on the pamphlet and the person who talked to him identified himself as an employee of the Visa Centre working on the window. He said that he works in the VSS Global Company, who is an employee of the company’s Canada Visa Authorized Centre and sits on window number two. He affirmed and gave assurance that he will issue him his Canadian Visa and work permit in just two days.

Amit, who was tempted to get a Canadian visa and work permit, was demanded to pay Rs 25,000 as a token and processing fee, which he immediately transferred to the bank account number given by that person. Following this, Amit repeatedly called the person for a visa and work permit, but the call was not reachable. Getting suspicion about the incident, Amit finally lodged a complaint at the Satellite Police Station.

Talking to Vibes of India, Amit said that he transferred Rs 25,000 to that stranger for a visa and work permit. “Along with me, my friend Shashi also transferred Rs 25,000 to get a visa and work permit. I thought that my friend too had transferred the money, so there is no chance of any doubt”, he added.

Shashi, who was also a victim of fraud had lodged a complaint against a stranger at the Anandnagar Police Station. PSI MJ Limbola, who is probing the case, said the case was registered based on a complaint lodged by Amit. The call details will be extracted and based on CDR, the investigation will be initiated. He further requested people to contact the police if anyone is trapped under such fraud.

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