Communal Clashes In Vadodara Leave 4 Injured

| Updated: June 12, 2022 5:22 pm

Communal clashes erupted last night in Borsad town of Anand district, following a dispute over a plot of land that has been a matter of conflict between groups from two communities. The small dispute soon turned into full-blown mob clashes as people from both communities joined the fight.

According to the police, people from one community were laying bricks on the disputed piece of land and another community objected to the actions. The quarrel led to a serious mob fight when people from both parties resorted to stone-pelting.

The police officials reached the spot but had a difficult time stopping the fight. The officials made several appeals to the crowd to stop violence and resolve the issue peacefully. However, the police were then forced to fire 50 teargas shells and 30 rubber bullets to control the mob.

During the conflict, a police constable and a civilian were stabbed and two others sustained serious injuries.

The police, so far, have arrested 14 people in connection with the clashes and booked them under charges of attempt to murder and others.

The police have identified 15 sensitive locations in the city and deployed heavy security in the areas.

(This is a developing story)

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