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Companies Reap Benefits After Donating To BJP, Says Cong Leader Shaktisinh Gohil

| Updated: March 15, 2024 22:15

Shaktisinh Gohil, Gujarat Pradesh Congress President, released a video statement on X accusing the BJP of “fearless corruption” in its fund collection through electoral bonds on Friday late evening.

Gohil stated that the BJP government initiated the Electoral Bond scheme in 2017 to facilitate corruption without fear. The scheme, which allows for the purchase of bonds ranging from one thousand to one crore rupees, was designed to keep the identities of donors secret. The BJP began implementing this scheme in 2018.

Gohil applauded the Supreme Court’s judgment, which he believes has exposed the BJP’s corrupt practices to the public. He shared that in 2019, bonds worth 6,000 crore rupees were issued, 95% of which went to the BJP alone. He revealed that 1,300 companies and individuals have purchased these bonds to donate to political parties.

He further detailed how companies have benefited from their donations to the BJP. For instance, Megha Engineering and Infra donated Rs 800 crore to the BJP through electoral bonds in April 2023 and was subsequently awarded a twin project in Thane Borivali worth Rs 14,400 crore. Similarly, Jindal Steel and Power donated Rs 25 crore to the BJP in October 2022 and was later granted a major coal mine in Gerpal.

Gohil also accused the BJP of using agencies like the ED, CBI and Income Tax Department to pressure companies into buying electoral bonds. He cited the example of Shirdi Sai Electronics, which was raided by the Income Tax Department in December 2023 and subsequently donated Rs 40 crore to the BJP through electoral bonds in January 2024.

Gohil criticised Future Gaming and Hotels, a gaming company he accused of harming India’s youth, for donating Rs 800 crore to the BJP. He alleged that the company bought electoral bonds worth Rs 100 crore shortly after an ED raid in April 2022 and again bought bonds worth Rs 65 crore after an Income Tax raid in 2023.

Gohil highlighted the time when Vedanta was awarded the Radhika Poor West Private Coal Mine in March 2021, shortly after donating Rs 25 crore to the BJP. Similarly, Megha Engineering & Infra was awarded a Rs 4500 crore Jojila Tunnel Project in August 2020 and subsequently donated Rs 20 crore to the BJP in October 2020.

Gohil also pointed out that Quick Supply Change Limited, a company with a share fund of Rs 130 crore, donated Rs 410 crore to the BJP. He questioned how a company with such a share fund could make such a large donation, calling it the “biggest scam.”

The Congress leader urged the people of Gujarat to consider the alleged corruption taking place. He noted that 95% of the donations from the electoral bond scheme, which started in March 2018, have gone to the BJP alone. Gohil called for transparency, demanding that the State Bank of India release the data on these donations.

Gohil appealed to the people of Gujarat, reminding them of their high expectations for clean governance. He stated that the Supreme Court has exposed the BJP’s alleged corruption and promised that further truths would be revealed through investigative journalism.

In conclusion, Gohil appealed to the pride of Gujaratis, referencing the state as the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. He urged voters to reject corruption and teach the BJP a lesson in the upcoming elections.

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